Why ICTU Global?

ICTU Global is an Academic Clinical Research Organisation based at Imperial College London. We provide full-service delivery of clinical trials including trial design, operational delivery, statistical expertise, data management and quality oversight. 

We leverage Imperial College London’s world-class Scientific and Clinical Expertise, expansive Global Academic Networks, and a team of highly experienced operational staff, to deliver excellence in clinical trial design, execution, and dissemination. 

We deliver scientific, clinical, and operational expertise within an agile service model and work in partnership with Sponsors to design and execute large scale national and international clinical trials and studies from conception to communication.

Our impact is demonstrated through global recognition of inhouse expertise, publications in world leading journals, influencing the future of clinical practice. We address implementation barriers to accelerate developments for our partners and to strengthen the population health impact of clinical innovation.

Our mission is to build long term strategic relationships with our industry and acadenic partners, working collaboratively to produce health benefits for patients globally at scale.

Our Value

Partner with ICTU Global and leverage the core strengths of working with an Academic Clincial Research Organisation:

Commercial research organisations (CROs) can deliver the basic elements required in executing a clinical trial, e.g. feasibility, site selection, trial oversight, IMP management, data management and analysis. 

At ICTU Global we enable our Partners to collaborate with Imperial Investigators and provide a unique opportunity to bridge academia and industry to design truly innovative trials. 

We ensure protocol design is not only scientifically and clinically sound, but that it is a good fit with clinical practice in secondary/primary care through input from academic thought leaders, therapy area specialists, hospital-based Investigators and experienced GP Investigators. 

Our excellence in patient recruitment and retention is achieved through realistic feasibility assessment, dedicated support to sites in planning and executing an effective recruitment strategy and a focus on investigator education throughout the study as well as maintained relationships with key sites. 

Our model, delivered by a dedicated team, allows for bespoke, highly targeted projects that suit the research needs of our Partners. 

Our Expertise

An experienced and knowledgeable team who are highly skilled and have excellent relationships with research sites  

The ICTU Global Operations Team have extensive experience of delivering industry trials and studies, and also have first-hand experience of working at study sites (including NHS sites). This allows for an elevated understanding of front-line working practices and pressures, which means risks to project delivery can be identified and circumvented more effectively. 

Our collective skills and competencies vary across a broad range of clinical research activities including working with multi-disciplinary teams to design studies, conducting literature reviews, writing protocols, database design, and managing the delivery of multi-phase studies and trials including:

  • ethics/ regulatory submissions
  • conducting site feasibility/ setup,
  • developing risk assessments and monitoring plans,
  • conducting risk-based monitoring,
  • close out and database lock;
  • preparing peer-reviewed academic journal papers and presentations for public dissemination.

Our unique individual expertise complements the overall breadth and depth of the team experience in managing clinical research, across both academic and commercial portfolios. Our team harnesses this experience to deliver multiple projects to our partners and collaborators within set timelines, to the highest standards

For further information regarding our services and how we can collaborate, please contact our team