ICTU Global database design and hosting is managed by a fully GCP compliant, all in one platform, cloud-hosted system designed in-house by the ICTU Clinical Data Systems Team using OpenClinica.

OpenClinica allows for a seamless and integrated user experience through the following modules - Enterprise (EDC), Participate (ePRO and eCOA), Randomize (IVRS and Supply), Insight (Reporting) hosted on the OpenClinica Cloud.


Electronic Data Capture &
Clinical Data Management

Create beautiful, ultra-capable eCRFs, featuring
real-time edit checks, skip logic, and auto-save.

Design studies on a simple, drag-and-drop interface.

Patient reported outcomes
(ePRO and eCOA)

Collect cleaner data, faster, with user-friendly forms.

Engage study participants on their own devices
no matter their location.

Randomization &
Supply Management

Add randomization to your studies, with all common randomization methods.

Track drug kits and monitor inventory in a seamless, integrated user experience.

Reports Built With You In Mind

Operational and clinical data visualized with bar charts, line graphs, and more.

Automate the distribution of reports to act quickly to major world events or every day queries

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